1. Agent ZigZag by Ben Macintyre is a non-fictional inside look, closely detailed through official papers, diaries, memoirs, etc, of British double Agent Eddie Chapman (ZigZag). He’s addicted to uncertainty and risk, a pre-war criminal celebrity, numerous lovers on each side of the line, will pick-pocket you, and you’ll love him for it. 
  2. Charlie Chaplin’s “The Barber’s Speech” at the end of the Great Dictator. Circa 1940, and still relevant today. (Via Dah-vid)
  3. An amazing soundtrack by Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) and Atticus Ross. Wins best album of the year to work to. The Tron soundtrack by Daft Punk is another good work / snowboarding album. Both have very little to no lyrics but are highly motivating. 
  4. Abigail Washburn - beautiful voice, banjo, and an entire orchestra backing her up. Great soothing Video. By Mason Jar Music. Take a listen to Doc Watson - Shady Grove as well.
  5. Artist Vik Munez enlightens both himself and you to the lives of the ‘catadores’, and positively effects both. ”The Slumdog Millionaire of documentaries: an inspiring, deeply moving crowd pleaser” - Huffington Post
  6. Great book that covers the gamete of survival psychology with a ton of different situations. Fun read. Malcolm Gladwell style. 
  7. Charlie Todd explains his motivation behind the very funny improv anywhere skits throughout NYC. Really fun. 
  8. Joel took a hiatus from writing, which he sucked at, and discovered what appears to be his labor of love - knife making. And he rocks at it. 
  9. Cool article describing Apple’s total domination, not because of innovation, but because of they’re relentless efficiency with operations and supply chain management. Ballers. 
  10. "Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose." RSA animates give cool insight into everyday activity. (Via a friend) 
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